The cultural association Solevoci operates in order to spread Pop and Jazz  polifonic vocal music through Festivals, Workshops, Contests and musical education and improvement activities

The Association puts himself in:
- Spreading the modern choral singing‚??s culture (in pop and jazz) and particularly in young people‚??s world;

- Developping young people‚??s interest to artistic values and genres which are further from their culture and which, most of all, they are less spreaded¬† from traditional medias;

- Spuring the formation of vocal groups;

- Educating conductors to improve choirs‚?? level;

- Making avaibility to groups and/or emerging artist

- Promoting the organisation of high level artistic-musical shows, trying to involve a wide audience.       


The association , to reach his aims, intends to do the following activities:
- Promoting, organising, joining vocal festivals, concerts,musical shows, contest for vocal groups, contest for vocal arrangement in provincial, regional, national and international area.

- Promoting and doing education activities as singing school, workshops, experimental activities, long-term teaching activities that can be assigned to the educational scholastical, concert-lessons etc.; these activities are respectively addressed to musical groups, conductors, arrangers, composers, primary and secondary school and university students.

- Showing off the competences aquired by members, choristers, trainees, vocal groups, conductors, arrangers, composer, promoting the creation and the spreading of artistic products.

- Making interactives project of musical animation addressed mainly to young or weaker social ages, involving them in recretional, educational and teaching activities in order to cross the potencial facts of social unease.

- Supporting with meetings, conferences, debates, studies, researches and projects the development of chorality in Italy.

- Instituting awards or scholarship grant

- Looking after production and discographic editing and scores or forms of multimedial communication, who can spread the choral culture and artistic exchanges (for example newsletter, website, community).

A stable staff mind with professionality, passion and competence of all the organizational and managerial of the association, availing himself of the consultacy of an artistical body. The artistical direction is assigned by president Fausto Caravati.

The association coperates actively with anorher cultural associations of Varese, national and internation to make high level artistic events usable by a wide audience. In fact the attempt is promoting acapella music, trying to make sure that this musical genre would not be just a phenomenon for a few people.



Solevoci |
That‚??s the site of the cultural association Solevoci, that since many years operates in promotion and diffusion of vocal music in Italy You can read about us, what is our mission, how and where we operate.



It‚??s the showcase of italian vocality; here you can publish ¬†for¬† free and easly and autonomously :
- Vocal groups or choir‚??s sheet
- Events connected to vocality
- Biographies of people who cooperates this field
- Professionals activities connected to vocal music. Informations, shared as sections, can be search easily and they become automatically avaible to search engines. More than 1500 vocal groups and choirs are published, what are you wating for??



That‚??s the vocal music magazine, which is¬† supplied by a special editorial staff, which selects the most¬† important news from alll over the world of italian and international vocal music. Do you want to let know events, publish articles or editorials? Just contact our editorial staff! We will be happy to publish all of your material or to welcome you as a partner!



It‚??s the new shop which is dedicated only to vocal music. It's at your disposal¬† both for purchasing and selling of musical products (CD, DVD or scores) Solevocicommunity can give all his products using Solevoci Shop.



The festival is the summer event which since many years offers to singing lovers the occasion to watch many concerts, workshops and contests which have the voice as absolute main charachter. It provide a rich opportunity for meeting and share the common passion of vocal acapella music. The site presents the event and the terms of attendance, both as spetactor and as main charachter



It‚??s the international contest for pop and jazz vocal groups which is organised every year together of Solevoci Festival. It‚??s one of the occasion to challenge oneself, to have fun and to be judged by an international and important jury



It‚??s the site of the of the project of the cultural association Solevoci who aims to build an international center of acapella music in Varese, focusing on pop and Jazz. ¬†The project adresses to young people and children, just like all of national and international singers, choirs, vocal groups, conductors and the organisations which promotes vocal music





How you can help

Solevoci is a no-profit organisation relying on the work of voluntary vocal music lovers. You can make your contribution towards:

  • Your membership in Solevoci editorial staff, which includes the publication of some articles, or your help to unveil news placed by the subscribers
  • Your help to improve our service by adding new activities and eventually promoting our service
  • Your help with the development of our website thanks to new ideas, technical competences and the publishing of new activities we will gradually add

Make your remarks, suggestions, criticisms or give us your availability at the following website:

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